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About Me!

I am a full time mum from The Black Country, (Home of Metal) England which is a bostin place to live! I occasionally do some supply teaching at a local special needs school.  I have loved bellydance since visiting Egypt in 2000.  In 2004 I went to see the BDSS at the Bloomsbury in London and was totally blown away by the whole show but particularly the tribal girls.  And that was it, I wanted to learn more about tribal and have attended workshops and events by some of the best tribal dancers in the world.  You know who they are!  I've been to San Francisco so I could attend a few classes there.  What a brilliant city!  I am a member of Khalgani Fusion and perform when I can.  I love to perform to rock tracks which I have done for a number of years now, mixing air guitar with more traditional dance moves!!!

In March 2011 I won the title of Miss Comedy Bellydance UK!!!  The comedy cards I created inspired the idea and then I heard Hocus Pocus by Focus on Planet Rock and it fit beautifully, so I just had to perform it!  And - I have a great idea for the next performance.  If only my empty blonde head would remember important day to day things instead of creative ideas!!!  Here I am infront of the Kookie Kaftan board - who do a great job of selling my cards.

My other passions are ~

~Creating artwork using a variety of mediums, usually acrylics, oils and hard pastels.  I am inspired by many artists (particularly Beryl Cook) and am a self taught artist, although I have had a tutorial by Vic Bearcroft who helped me explore techniques using hard pastels and velour paper.  I am now a member of The Dudley Art Society - and let me tell you - Dudley has some amazing talented artists. who are generous in their help and support for my work.  I used to design the artwork for a rock band, which was cartoon based, a style I love to use.  Commissions taken for cartoons or regular artwork.  Oct 2011, I won a USA competition to design a poster for the rock band Black Tide.

~Heavy rock/metal/glam - old stuff like ACDC, Motorhead, Hanoi Rocks, NWOBHM, and other bands like Janes Addiction, Skunk Anansie, Terrorvision, Metallica, Rammstein, Black Tide etc.  "Once the metal's in your veins, it never comes out"........You get the general idea! 

~Animal and environmental care.  I cannot bare to see animals suffer, especially when it is for our greed or stupidity.  The photographer Steve Bloom has created some amazing work.  This quote is from his book - 'Spirit of the Wild'.

'If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man.  All things are connected.'

Chief Seattle of the Suwamish Tribe

Says it all doesn't it?  So, my love of bellydance, rock music and animals inspires me to create art work to raise money for different charities.  I am also developing a career as a full time illustrator for - please contact me if you'd like details of my illustration work.

Thank you for looking!

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Details of money raised so far

2006 -  £50 to help stop the bears in India being tortured into performing, £30 - Paighton Zoo conservation, and donated cards to New LIfe House (an orphanage in Asia) to the value of £18 and Don't Let My People Die Charity (check out their site) with the value of £40+ and £145 'Make A Wish' children's charity from the sale of Christmas cards.

Feb 2007 - £40 Save the Elephant. £60 Comic Relief. Cards donated to sell for a cat charity in New Zealand - £14.80.  April - donated/sold cards for Compton Hospice - £23.20.  £130 - 2 elephant charities (+ elephants adopted).  £115 - 'Promise Dreams Children's Charity' (Christmas cards), £238 - World Land Trust (Calendars).  

Feb 2008 - £100 to the Dogs Trust.

September 2008 - £100 to Brooke Horses

December 2008 - £65 adoption of 2 orphan elephants David Sheldrick Trust

January 2009 - £210 CIRCA for children with Crohns, £201.50 (Christmas card sales) - World Land Trust (Calendar sales) £50 - IAR (International Animal Rescue) to help bears injured through abuse to live a better life.

June 2009 - £30 David Sheldrick WildlifeTrust (Saving elephants in Kenya re-fostering Mary) and £100 Orangutan Outreach (rebuilding environment for orangutans to live a normal life and caring for orangutans too).

September - £30 - Elephant Park Sanctuary, Thailand

Dec - £236.50 - World Land Trust (calendars) £33.60 - Royal British Legion, £40 - The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and The Black Country, £25 - Retired Greyhound Trust, £220.10 - CCAA (Children with Chronic Arthritis Association) from sale of Christmas cards.

June 2010 - £150 Irish Rescue Retriever, £25 - Birch Hill Dog Rescue, Sept - £12 Poppy Appeal.

January 2011 - £207 - World Land Trust, £260 - Rainbows Children's Hospice, £112 - David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

July 2011 - £100 - Tigertime (David Shepherd)  Animal Krackers Rescue Centre - £45  £2.40 - Ian Edwards Cancer Break Trust

September 2011 - £50 donated by the relatives of Arthur Pearson in lieu of flowers, as they wanted to support the fundraising.  Arthur  (husband and father of 2 Khalgnai ATS dancers) loved my comedy burleque snowball routine and laughed about it in the hospice.   Thanks to Arthur £50 donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

February 2012 - £230 - World Land Trust, £190 - Bliss baby charity.

Therefore total so far is £3,729.50 raised!!!!!!

Please email me for details of my cards - every penny goes to charity, (10% from originals and prints).   I also donate cards to selected charities as raffle prizes.

Legal bit - The pictures and the right to print belong to me.  No reproduction may be made of any image on this site without my prior permission.

Some of these cards can be purchased from Tribe Zuza and Kookie Kaftan who regularly attend bellydance events and have helped tremendously with my sales.  They sell them with no profit to themselves either - lovely people. If any of the card designs here say 'sold out', you could try them, they may have some left!  Their sites are on my links page.

Thank you to all who have supported me so far by buying these cards.

Competition for 2009 Now Closed

Out of This World

20" x 16" Matching black Mount with white trim and backed

£75 (no prints)

Inspired by Kathleen Crowley's Fluffy Rufflies and artwork from ??(At current time of writing I can't find artists' name!!! Email me if you have it please.  My bro has his album back)!It is a paper batik with irredescent paint that shimmers subtle pink/purple tones depending on the light.  Too beautiful to photograph accurately.

4 Mounted prints were won! 

The lucky winners (In no particular order!!!!) are -

Tina from Walsall, Patricia from Lancashire, Janice from Lancashire and Stella from Leicestershire

The answer is Rod Stewart, Atlantic Crossing.  Not a favourite album of mine, my brother had it and I loved the artwork even back then!

All girls from the UK, no winners from across the pond so maybe Rod Stewart didn't do such a good job of Atlantic Crossing after all!!!

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and who have brought my artwork.

(If you would like details of when the new 2012 calendar and Christmas cards are ready, let me know and I will add you to the mailing list.  I have new card designs - so take a look.  And, have a look at the great links too).

The question was to look at the picture of 'Out of This World' shown below.  It is a tribal version of an old record album cover.  The first 3 people to email the name of the artist and the album title correctly will win a print of their choice from the tribal or bellydance artwork.  Simple! 

There were infact 4 winners as there was only a minute between third and forth place, and being a big softie I decided to give away 4 prints instead.